The Embedded Application Board (EAB) by Brigosha Technologies provides a low cost application development platform that can be used by researchers, students and hobbyists for developing and prototyping real time interactive applications and projects. Small size and light weight makes this board versatile to be used in different laboratories, mobile applications, bots, surveillance instruments and it provides students, hobbyists, and designer an ideal interface to prototype their imagination.

The need of a development board is well understood by engineers who are working on some Embedded System based project. Having a prebuilt development board with the most important features and all the necessary peripherals reduces a huge burden from one's head. And it also helps to avoid wastage of unnecessary time. Moreover it gives perfection to the project. We will well understand the importance of a development board as we go through the features, uses and a few applications that make extensive usage of such a board. The board we will be discussing has been developed by Brigosha Technologies and known as the "Embedded Application Board"

One may say why use such a board when we can design our own circuit? The answer is very simple. Simply by looking into the schematic, we can connect the external peripherals easily, avoiding the headache of circuit designing which has already been taken care of, so one can imagine how simple it would be to use the board. Just flash the program, connect the auxiliary devices to the pins provided on the board and it is easily ready. Making connections by yourself may be very hectic and there are chances of making errors, which are very difficult to look for in such small circuits. It is useless to waste such a lot of time in the circuit when that is just a small part of the main problem.

EAB uses PIC18F family Microcontroller. The Microcontroller has 25 digital I/O pins which are multiplexed to provide one or more features. The EAB can be powered in multiple ways viz. USB port (using Laptop/PC), Battery & Adapter. It has a voltage level selector which helps in selecting the operating voltage for various peripherals associated with the board. EAB supports UART, I2C and SPI communication.

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